I Get Emails: Why Are You Admitting That The Republicans Aren’t Doing Well?

Here’s an email that I received last night that expresses sentiments that I’ve heard from more than one person:


With all respect I think that the position you are taking on the pre-emptive republican defeat this fall is based on pure garbage…

Are you seriously buying into poll results and what the media is saying? You DO know that right now is a period of time where poll results can be trusted the least right?? I mean the exit polls in ’04 had Kerry winning in a landslide!!!

I don’t email you so much to criticize you, even though i am doing just that, but rather to let you know that you are falling prey to the media bubble and you are starting to believe the BS that Chris Mathews spews on MSNBC or whatever channel he is on.

You can preach that the republicans will lose this year, but It is not going to happen. I’m not sure who YOU are voting for, but i’m voting for Bouchard and DeVos here in Michigan. It may be a long shot to hope for Republican winners here in MI, but i’m still voting for them, still standing strong to support them and I am not conceding an election to the Democrats just yet. I will wait for november for that.

You know how the Democrats embolden our enemies every day by using the same talking points about the war? You are doing the same thing with republicans electoral chances…

I doubt you are doing it on purpose, but you are personally responsible for deflating the republicans electoral chances. Conceding victory to the democrats does just that. Don’t hide behind “telling the truth” because you are only telling the truth if you 100% believe a bunch of garbage polls. What else is up your sleeve hawkins???

I love your site, but I can’t believe you are siding with the democrats on this one…” — David M. Williams

First of all, just to be clear, I very much want the GOP to retain control of Congress in November — and I haven’t been shy about saying so. Moreover, I’ve written over and over and over again that I don’t believe in protest votes and that it makes no sense to put a Democrat in office who disagrees with you on everything, just because you’re mad at Republican candidates who disagree with you on a few things. Let me also add that I haven’t just talked the talk, I’ve walked the walk. I got together with some other bloggers, formed Rightroots, and actually raised almost a quarter of a million dollars for Republican candidates in 10 weeks. So, no one can say that I haven’t done my part to help the GOP win in November.

However, what I refuse to do is spoonfeed people happy talk that just isn’t true. The GOP is struggling right now and, yes, we may lose the House. In the Senate, we’re in better shape, but it is possible that we’re going to lose the Senate.

You think that deflates, “the republicans electoral chances?” Well, I don’t. I’m of the opinion that when people know the facts, they can make better decisions. Maybe some of those Republicans who have been loudly saying that they plan to stay home will see what’s coming down the pike and change their minds. Maybe some conservatives who were going to spend the last few days before the election relaxing, will go volunteer for some campaigns. It’s better that people know what’s happening, so that they can do something about it, rather than sugar coating the truth, which may cause people to become complacent.

But, whatever the case may be, the solution isn’t just to write off all the polls because they’re not telling us what we want to hear. We’re conservatives. In my book, that means we’re supposed to meet political reality head on and deal with it even if it’s not fun or what we want to hear. Since that’s the case, I’m just going to tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may. That’s exactly what I did in the 2004 elections and it’s exactly what I intend to continue to do this year.

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