James Webb Writes About Incest and Pedophilia

Back in September, I did a piece on some of the N-Bombs and bizarre sexual content in three of James Webb’s books, which to me, seemed to be pretty relevant.

After all, the WAPO has been trying to make the fact that George Allen said the word, “Macaca,” which about 3 people had ever heard of before Allen said it, into the biggest story of the election cycle. Meanwhile, James Webb’s books feature N-bombs galore and women slicing up fruit with their private parts. But that, the MSM doesn’t want to go into detail about.

In any case, recently, someone alerted me to a depraved passage in another one of Webb’s other books, that just blows everything away that I’ve posted so far. For reasons I cannot fathom, in Webb’s book, Lost Soldiers, he has a scene that features incestuous pedophilia. Now here’s the kicker: not only is it a completely gratuitous scene, the characters in the book, bizarrely, don’t even seem to react to a sex act being performed on a child in front of them.

If that sounds surreal, it’s because it is. It’s like Webb was sitting around one day and said, “You know what this book needs? A father performing a sex act on his child while people act like it’s an everyday occurrence. That will really throw people for a loop!”

Now, I’m going to go into detail about what happened, but it will be below the fold in case any of you want to spare yourself something even more disgusting than the Foley IMs.


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