I Get Letters: The Republican Nasal Control Implanting Agenda

Here’s one of the more, uh — let’s say “unique” — pieces of email I’ve received of late and, yes, before you ask, it’s real:

From: Raymond Flowers [email protected]*********
Subject: bark bark bark said the Bush drone

Has anyone noticed the use by George W. Bush and Jeb Bush and the republican party of nasal control implants in children as their family continues to re-entrench itself from World War II where it used the control technology on the German population running the yes sir Nathan Hales of the Hitler youth.

They use stories to continuously bombard students creating day dreams producing what is commonly called attention deficit disorder in addition to hyper activity and they even produced dyslexia using the nasals to get the visual from the optic nerve and a Hewlett-Cray-Motorola computer did a dictionary look up for the current pattern which was regenerated weekly in some locations and is the reason that words written very poorly didn’t jumble as the primitive software couldn’t figure out what the word was and either left it alone or broke connections between letters to re-arrange what looked like components between humps or risers on the letters.

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Notice how the Bush hide some of the funding as the Republican party money hidden under various corporate names is moved around by the Central Intelligence agency to manipulate the stock market to fund the Bush’s national control implanting agenda.

That’s right, folks, you better check your noses before it’s too late!

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