Today, I Turn 35

Like John Hancock, Rush Limbaugh, and Howard Stern, I have a birthday today. That’s right, today I turn 35 years old — and let me say that I’m not quite ready to join the AARP yet and complain about kids walking across my lawn, but 35 does feel really old — especially for a guy who still plays PC games and likes to watch South Park.

Now, on their birthday most bloggers would be tempted to take a day off, especially when they have a large stable of guest bloggers ready, willing, and able to fill in. But, did I take a day off? No, I didn’t. I’m right here, on my birthday and I…hey, wait a second…I should have taken a day off! Oh well, it’s water under the bridge now.

Anyway, most of you are probably wondering, “Where am I going for lunch,” or, “Who’s going to win the Super Bowl?” But, maybe the rest of you are wondering, “It’s Hawkins’ birthday, so what can I do for him?”

Here are three suggestions:

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#1: If you’re an advertiser, buy an ad.
#2: If you’re a reader, click on an ad.
#3: If you’re a blogger, find a post on RWN and link it on your blog so you can send me more people to do #1 and #2.

See, it’s all really simple — oh, and happy birthday to Rush, too!

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