The A-List Blogs

You hear the phrase “A-List Blogs” tossed around a lot, but few people actually name the blogs on the list. Well, based on the traffic they receive that I have seen at Blogads and other places (I’m going to say around 200,000 impressions a week, average, qualifies), here is the complete list of right-of-center A-listers:

Captain’s Quarters, The Corner, Day by Day, Hugh Hewitt, Instapundit, Little Green Footballs, Michelle Malkin, Polipundit, Power Line, Redstate, The Volokh Conspiracy.

* Note: Hit & Run & Andrew Sullivan probably have enough traffic to qualify, but neither is really right-of-center in my opinion.

*** Update #1 ***: See the B-List based on traffic, here.

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