The Kos Kidz Go After Alito’s Wife

It can’t be pleasant for family members of a judge who sit through confirmation hearings. Just imagine being in their position. Here’s this person you have great love and respect for, on TV, in front of the whole world, being attacked by a bunch of ill-tempered, blustering bullies whose goal is to destroy his reputation in order to try to derail the nomination. Meanwhile, your family members have to sit up there and smile and nod at jabbering buffoons like Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden, as if their incredibly obnoxious behavior was completely proper.

Given all that, it’s not really surprising that Alito’s wife broke down and cried yesterday and it’s hard not to have a little sympathy for her…well…that is, unless you’re one of the Kos Kidz.

King moonbat, Kos himself, suggested that her crying was a staged “PR stunt” and some of the Kossacks were, let’s just say, not very kind to Mrs. Alito. Here’s what a few of the Kos Kidz had to say:

Pacified: and do we want a judge who would marry such a weak-willed b*tch?

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nightsweat: Good reason not to confirm

If his wife is so fragile that she can’t watch the questioning, I think its clear that a Judge Alito thrust into the national spotlight constantly by sitting on the Supreme Court will be too distracted tending to his fragile, fragile wife to be able to adequately render service to the nation.

It’s a sacrifice we all appreciate and gosh darn we’re sorry he won’t be able to sit on the court.

BTP: Channeling Eric Cartman

Yes! Yesss!! Oh, let me taste your tears,
Martha-Ann! Mmm, your tears are so yummy and sweet!

tjb22: Poor woman…she probably teared up when she saw what a bigot she was married to…I’d cry, too. And come to think of it, if they made me wear those ugly republican clothes I’d probably get a little emotional, too.

fugue: CRY…CRY…WTF???

My question. This is not some rated ‘G’ family oriented hearing. This is how the nation gives somebody the right to interpret it’s constitution for the next decades.


next thing we know, this guy will do whatever the wifey is crying for. (omg, omg, they are killing unborn baby…waaa waaa….)



This is the MOST blatant attempt to manipulate public emotion. She should go f*ck herself.”

phoenixandrew: Mrs. Alito is the typical conservative woman.

Martha-Ann Alito is an idiot and a moron. She’ll REALLY have something to cry about if she doesn’t grow up.

Buzzer: What a whiny little b*tch. I’m GLAD she was reduced to tears. These hyper-pampered Stepford wives have never endured anything more stressful than making it to Saks Fifth Avenue before it closes. If seeing her poor widdle hubby getting caught in an avalanche of lies about his not-exactly-concealed racism triggers the weeping-willow response, I’d venture to say Martha needs to get out a little more. Maybe visit a black neighborhood or two and get acquainted with a few strong women who DON’T burst into tears while DAILY dealing with hardships that Martha’s fragile, feeble mind could not even conceive of. What a phony, fraudulent, sheltered twit.

mrd in nyc: What, is this junior high school?

“Lindsey Graham Made Mrs. Alito Cry”
Sounds like a note someone passed me in algebra.

Why are people allowing themselves to get drawn into this episode?

-You made her cry, bully!
-I didn’t make her cry, HE did!
-Well, she’s crying now and everyone thinks YOU did it!

With all due respect, F*CK Mrs. Alito! We are dealing with a decision that will affect millions of people over generations! I don’t give a good godd*mn about Mrs. Alito. Frankly, I’d be much happier seeing MISTER Alito crying due to a withering grilling by the Dems. But the only folks crying over the Democratic senator’s questioning are other Dems (including me).

Maine Atticus: WTF is she doing there, anyway! She should be home baking cookies and making more home-made clothes!

Why do wives, or husbands for that matter have to hang around, looking like complete *sses at these hearings?

Another stupid cow married to another Nazi motherf*cker.

Cry, you cow. You moron. You sh*thead married to a man who would destroy this country!

Cry? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Not very nice liberals, are they? Not very classy either…

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