I Hate America — Hooray I’m A Citizen

America Sucks — Hooray I’m A Citizen!: Writing a column like this just after you’ve become a United States citizen is the equivalent of saying, “I did it” right after the statute of limitations runs out. Isn’t America lucky to have a new citizen like Purvi Patel who wrote the following…

“…(IT) reinforced a growing resentment I felt toward the United States. The American government, in pursuit of an illegal war and a post-9/11 assault on civil liberties, seemed more a police state than a democracy. Was this the America to which I would swear allegiance?

I was born in India but grew up in a proud New England town where Paul Revere was still a local hero. My childhood feelings of patriotism later gave way to more skepticism about this country….

…I listened incredulously as the judge ignored how the civil liberties I had studied as a fifth grader were now under assault. She delivered a trite homily on the “wonderful freedoms” Americans have “to speak” and “to move.” I thought of all of the Pakistani Americans who, unable to live here even in silence, are now moving in droves to Canada.”

Just what America needs — another person who uses her Freedom of Speech to whinge about our country. Excuse me if I don’t send a fruit basket to Ms. Patel to welcome her into the US…

Hat tip to Dean’s World for finding this article.

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