Teaching Hawaiian Separatism To Our Kids?

Teaching Hawaiian Separatism To Our Kids?: According to an article on FrontPage Magazine, there are a group of anti-American Hawaiian separatists trying to set up their own little apartheid state in Hawaii where, ‘”Hawaiians are…entitled to political and economic supremacy” over all non-indigenous Hawaiians.”‘

Here’s a poem written by one of them, a college professor named Haunani-Kay Trask at the University of Hawaii. As you read it, remember that your tax dollars are helping to pay her salary…

“Racist White Woman”:

Racist White Woman

I could kick

Your face, puncture

Both eyes.

You deserve this kind

Of violence.

No more vicious

Tongues, obscene


Just a knife

Slitting your tight

Little heart.

For all my people

Under your feet

For all those years

Lived smug and wealthy

Off our land

Parasite arrogant

A fist

In your painted

Mouth, thick

With money

And piety


Lovely eh? At a certain point, you have to balance academic freedom with the fact that this person is a teacher and is influencing young skulls full of mush. If this teacher deserves to keep her job at a public university, then is there any such thing as going too far? I mean do you hire someone from the KKK who advocates not letting blacks and Jews vote or someone from the Nation of Islam who says whites should be denied their right to vote because a spaceship will be coming to destroy the “white devils” soon anyway? Universities, especially public universities, should not allow hatemongers like Trask to influence a bunch of naive kids with their twisted philosophies. If Trask wants to advocate this kind of rubbish, that’s fine, but she shouldn’t be doing it at a public university…

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