I Have Returned From Vacation!

I’m back from my lazy, week-long vacation. I caught Halle Berry’s “Gothika” (which I liked) & read a few books…

— Heinlein’s ‘The Moon is a Harsh Mistress’ (Which I found to be vastly overrated)
— Victor Davis Hanson’s “Mexifornia”
— The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the U.S. Special Ops Forces (Not particularly enjoyable)

Next up for me is Friedman’s “Capitalism & Freedom” & Horowitz’s “Radical Son”.

I also did my part to improve the economy by buying an incredibly cool massage chair for $119 w/ a $40 mail in rebate. I cannot say enough good things about this chair. It’s so awesome and feels so good that I’m tempted to take it back and forth to work each day so I can be massaged all day and night. I only wish I would have bought this 6 months ago.

On the downside, I was supposed to have the “2nd Annual Warblogger Awards” for you to start the day with, but that didn’t happen. Unfortunately, tallying up the categories is taking MUCH longer than I anticipated. That means the “Warblogger Awards” will be out on Wed (instead of today) and the “Most Annoying Liberals for 2003” won’t be out until next Monday (instead of Thursday). That’s the breaks.

But in any case, I’m back and RWN will be updated normally again…well, at least until I take half-a-week off for Christmas. Until then, RWN is back…

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