I take full credit for Sean Duffy’s new ad

It was just under two weeks ago, when Sean Duffy – candidate for Congress in The Best-Looking Congressional Race…Everreleased his latest ad featuring himself, chopping a log in half with the same skill and gusto we hope he’ll take to the federal budget.

At the time, I suggested a script for his next ad:

The scene: outdoors, woods. A wide, slow river. Several people in business suits — nice ones — are rolling logs in the river.

Cue Duffy’s voice:

“Logrolling: in Washington-speak, it means you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

Problem is, in Washington, they’re using your money to do it.”

Something like that. Cut to Duffy, walking in:

“It’s time to put a stop to it.”

He puts his foot on one of the logs (close up of boot), stopping it. All the suits fall in the water.

“Stop the logrolling. Stop the back scratching. Stop the wasteful spending. I’m Sean Duffy, best-looking congressional candidate…ever, and you bet I approve that message.”

Cue the logo. In all humility, I am a genius.

And today, I see Duffy’s newest ad:

Huh? Huh? Whaddaya say now? Did he use my idea? Did he follow my advice? Is he reading The Trog for tips on winning the Best Looking Congressional Race…ever?

Am I, in fact, a genius?

Well, no. Well, yes on the genius part. The rest of it…probably not. They didn’t likely shoot that commercial between the time I wrote that post and today.

But still. Who has two thumbs and is taking full credit? This guy.

Say, who’s in charge of that Ten Dollar Friday deal? Because I have a nomination.

Sean Duffy for Congress.


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