I Think I Will Watch The Superbowl This Year

I don’t care much for football unless my son is playing. I usually go to Superbowl parties to eat and chat. But this year I’m looking forward to a certain commercial that will run during the game. No, not the funny ones, although I like them too.

Focus on the Family is running a controversial ad during the Super Bowl. It stars University of Florida football star Tim Tebow. Very briefly, it tells the story of how Tebow wasn’t supposed to be born and how the doctors advised his mom to abort (her 5th child). She refused.

Just a reminder of all that can be lost in abortion. How many wonderful athletes, musicians, engineers, scientists, and teachers have we aborted? So many. So very many.

Each life matters. Each life is a beginning. Each life has something to offer.

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It’s way past time for us to end this horror in America. Maybe this is just the beginning of spreading the truth that the mainstream media refuses to.

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