I Will Be Liveblogging The Debate Tonight

The VEEP debate tonight should be interesting.

We have John Edwards, AKA the fluffy puppy, a man selected for VP solely because he’s pretty and slick, going up against Dick Cheney, a grizzled but not particularly charismatic political veteran who is far more competent than Edwards, but who usually gives the impression that he’d rather be at an undisclosed location poking terrorists with a pitchfolk just for the fun of it.

The smart money has to be on Edwards who’ll be using those debating skills he honed while he was running up everyone’s health care bills as a trial lawyer, but Tricky Dick may be able to score more points off of waffles jr. than you’d expect.

In any case, I will be live blogging it tonight. It should be “fun” as long as your definition of “fun” is loose enough…

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