I Will Not Hesitate To

I Will Not Hesitate To Bash Some Of Their Heads In: In two previous episodes of ACPOTI, RWN covered some of the Islamo-fascists and terrorist wannabes who like to hang out at the Clear Guidance ‘Youth of Islam‘ forums. The articles did get some linkage from the Blogosphere, but they didn’t make a huge splash.

Well since then, a few crazies from the forum caught the attention of Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs. He alerted the world to a particularly vile thread about stabbing Jews to death along with a snuff film that somehow got tossed into the mix. Unfortunately, before I could punch that up for ACPOTI, the thread was wiped off the face of the earth. Luckily for ACPOTI fans, the Clear Guidance crew has been hard at work posting new material about stabbing kafirs, black magic, & snuff films among other things. Read and enjoy…

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