If I Were Stuck On A Desert Island With Just 10 Bloggers…

So I’m trying to come up with a new blogger poll and one of the ideas I had (and later discarded) was “If you were on a desert Island, which bloggers (5 male / 5 female) would you want to have along with you”?

After thinking about it, here’s who I came up with…

— Dawn Olsen of Up Yours & Other Helpful Tips. Dawn seems like the type of person who could make the best out of things. I suspect she’d come up with some game featuring coconut bowling or sand flinging that would keep all of us distracted from how crappy it is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere….

Moxie would be great too and not just because she’s this hot Cali chick. Mox seems like she’d be a chipper, perky, kind of fun person to converse with which would of course be incredibly important since we’d be on a Godforsaken island with nothing but monkeys for company.

— Speaking of monkeys, Frank J. of IMAO would make the cut not just because he’s funny, but because he seems like the sort of guy who would detest monkeys so much that he’d chase them all away, thereby sparing me the trouble.

— Allah from Allah Is In The House would be there too for the same reason. He could grab a volleyball, name it Wilson, and make jokes about how it was Arafat’s cousin or something…and uh, it would probably be more entertaining than that sounds.

— Michele Catalano of A Small Victory would be great to have along too because she strikes me as the sort of person who’d be organizing the hut building, or fishing, or making a giant SOS sign on the beach out of rocks. Sure that’s doesn’t sound like as much fun as say playing “Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando” on the PS2, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Tim Blair would also be a good guy to have along not only because he’s funny, but because he’s from Australia. Those guys are used to killing poisonous snakes with boomerangs and beating down wild Koala Bears with just their bare hands & teeth. Even if Tim has never been to the outback in his life, he’d figure it out. That sort of stuff comes as naturally to Aussies as playing the didgeridoo!

— I’d also want to have Joyce from Transcended there. Not only is she easy on the eyes, but she still seems to have that fresh “Hey, what do you think the meaning of life is & should I be a nuclear physicist or bartender when I get out of college” perspective on life which would make for fun chats.

— Laurence Simon from Amish Tech Support would also get the nod. Not only is he funny, but if you believe what he says on his blog, he can cook. And when you’re going to be stuck eating nothing but fish, crabs, coconut, and whatever monkeys Frank J. can kill, you need someone who can figure out how to spice up your meals.

Hugh Hewitt would also be a good addition. Not only is he a really upbeat guy, but if he can manage to keep millions of people interested in a radio show that runs 3 hours a day in some markets, you know he could always figure out something interesting to talk about. More importantly, unlike the rest of us, Hugh is a VIP and you’d have to figure they’d make more of an effort to search for him if he was missing.

— Last but not least, I’d go with Kymberly Swygert of #2 Pencil. She comes across as personable and really brainy. If anyone on the island could make a radio out of coconuts like the professor did on Gilligan’s Island, it would be her.

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