Hate Mailorama!

You know what time it is — that’s right, time for more hate mail!

We’ll start out with one of my all-time favorites from someone who calls herself “Ms Voltaire”. And if I understand her correctly, I believe she’s saying Saddam has been out of power in Iraq since 1990, but the media has been covering it up….

From: Ms Voltaire
Subject: New Fascist Regimes for Afghanistan & Iraq

“The US Corporate regime has installed an Islamic fascist regime in Afghanistan and is attempting to do so in Iraq. The US installed the Taliban, helped install the HATED Iranian Islamic fascist regime after the Iranian people overthrew the US installed Nazi: the Shah.

All evidence indicates that similarly the Iraqi people overthrew the US installed Nazi Saddam in 1990.

The US has installed Oligarchic fascist regimes all over the globe against the will of those who work for a living as opposed to those who ride on the backs (Parasites) of those who work for a living.

Too bad fascist hacks have nothing but lies to work with and politics HATED by the majority of people. That is why you have to install police states with controlled fake news and academia around the world.”

Here’s a pithy one that’s fairly typical of a lot of the hate mail I get…

From: Caesar
Subject: EXCELLENT site!

Just kidding – go F*CK YOURSELF you nazi-fellating rightard @ss-licker.

Here’s another short one that echoes the message today’s Democratic party is putting out, while falling a bit short on the measured tone you usually hear from Kerry & co…

From: Todd A. Randall
Subject: please tell me

“You suck you right wing piece of filth. You and your right wing friends are the greatest threat to this country.”

This last one seems to have been inspired by a post I made about a Passion of the Christ necklace (which I did end up buying incidentally) and my attack on the government’s stealth censorship of Howard Stern and other shock jocks….

From: chad
Subject: ‘Christians’

“I’ve noticed that ‘Christians’ and ‘vegetarians’ have something in common.It seems you can’t get 2 minutes into a conversation with them before they identify themselves as such.My son was born 6 lbs. 6oz. 6/10 oz. Is he the anti-Christ?You would think so the way my ‘Christian’ associates reacted when I joked about his weight!I don’t have the time to leave a message about Howard stern,free speech,wearing 5″ nails fashioned after the ones that caused Christ to suffer excruciating pain and your disingenuous remarks about the governments crack down on free speech.(as long as it doesn’t involve Limbaugh who is blatantly racist.(Right down to his black chauffeur in his ‘driving miss daisy’ hat and outfit’.)But I’ll get back to you.I wonder if you’re a good ole boy?My bein’ a new yarker an’ awl.And a registered conservative republican.By the by, I hope the local bible thumpers can tolerate my ‘pctwistn’ license plate.”

There were plenty more where those came from, but I think they give you a pretty good idea of the sort of hate mail I regularly receive…

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