If R. Kelly Is Your

If R. Kelly Is Your Hero You’re In Deep Trouble: In the last story I blogged, Bobby Bowden was catching heat for trying to motivate his players by using a phrase made immortal by American hero Todd Beamer. But some people apparently aren’t shooting that high…

“Before R&B superstar R. Kelly arrived at Cook County Criminal Court on Wednesday, a yellow school bus dropped off 40 children who donned pro-Kelly T-shirts.

Adults led them in singing R. Kelly anthems “I Believe I Can Fly” and “Heaven, I Need a Hug.”

Why did the adults choose a field trip to cheer on Kelly, who is charged with 21 counts of child pornography?

“Kids need something to reach for–they have no role models,” said Janet Edmond, who helped organize the bus with the children.”

R. Kelly is a freaking SINGER. Even if he wasn’t on trial for boinking a fourteen year old who was actually younger than some of the kids who were mindlessly cheering for him he wouldn’t be a role model. I can just see these kids at 35,

“My name is Doug Smith and I grew up worshipping the ground R. Kelly walked on. Now I work at McDonald’s making hamburgers to keep the money rolling in until my musical career takes off. When I’m not hanging out around the junior high trying to pick up young girls, I spend my time singing R. Kelly songs at a Karaoke bar in an effort to get discovered. Thanks for my great life R. Kelly and Janet Edmond.”

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