You Tell ‘Em Bobby: FSU

You Tell ‘Em Bobby: FSU coach Bobby Bowden has caught a lot of flack for using the motto ‘Let’s Roll’ for his team’s motto in 2002. Bowden slammed critics of his use of the phrase…

They have to be unpatriotic to say what they are saying in my opinion. Anything that you do, someone is going to find the other side of it. We’re proud of what we are doing.” …Bowden called the criticism “stupid.” “I would say that’s (being) picky-picky,” Bowden said.”

Bowden also received some public accolades from about the best source he could have hoped from…

“Douglas MacMillan, chief executive officer of the Todd Beamer Foundation, said on Wednesday that the organization was honored Florida State’s football team adopted the saying as its motto. “His use is strictly for inspirational and motivational application,” MacMillan said. “It’s a way to keep Todd’s memory in the forefront of people’s minds.” MacMillan said Beamer’s widow, Lisa, was excited about the Florida State team adopting the motto for its upcoming season. “She said, ‘That’s great,”’ related MacMillan, who plans to bring T-shirts and hats from the foundation to Florida State sometime next week.‘Let’s roll’ for them is a way of really attaching themselves to the patriotic feeling that this nation has adopted more so since Sept. 11,” MacMillan said.”

I’m 110% behind Bowden’s use of the phrase ‘Let’s Roll’ as his team’s motto. Because of Beamer’s bravery that phrase will forever more be associated with patriotism, heroism, and doing the right thing no matter how tough the situation is. That’s the type of inspiration EVERY American needs, especially a bunch of college kids playing a brutally competitive sport. Don’t let ’em get to you Bobby, stick it out and keep that slogan whether the press likes it or not.

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