“If Scott Brown was running in South Carolina, or Texas, or Wyoming…”

“…he probably couldn’t win a GOP primary for county sheriff.”

So says Rich Moran, over at Pajamas Media. Scott Brown, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate who might — might — actually win the election in mega-liberal Massachusetts, has become the conservative’s darling.

Why? For the sheer chutzpah of it all, I’d say. As a politician, he’s not what conservatives really want. Moran writes:

You can’t pigeonhole Scott Brown. He’s a conservative – but he’s not. He’s a squishy RINO – but he’s not. He’s pro-choice, pro-gun, pro-consumer protection, pro-free market, and pro-environment. He opposes gay marriage but supported a regional cap-and-trade scheme – a vote he now says was a mistake. He supported the Massachusetts health insurance plan promoted by Mitt Romney with its individual mandate, although he now says that they need to get costs under control.

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Moran predicts that Brown will become more of an Olympia Snowe than a John Thune.

…Right now, he is the darling of the right, with endorsements from the tea party groups and online conservative activists. He is, after all, that coveted “41st vote” on health care reform. But beyond destroying Obama’s dream of a government takeover of health care, how “reliable” a vote will he be for Republicans in the Senate?

My guess is that Scott Brown is bound to disappoint conservatives, and it will happen sooner rather than later.

The thing is, there are circumstances that got us here. The electoral pendulum has swung almost horizontal, it’s so far from the Democrats right now. The electorate is wary of Democrat “leadership” and a hard-charging liberal agenda. The Democrats put up a rotten candidate who’s running a rotten campaign.

Without those circumstances, Scott Brown never has a chance.

Point being: he isn’t going to be the conservative’s dream Senator. He can’t be. Never could. John Thune would never have gotten into position to run for the Senate in Massachusetts. They don’t elect people like him.

Brown will show his moderate colors soon enough.

But, y’know, I’ll even cheer for the Chicago Bears or…yes, even the Minnesota Viqueens, if their victories are good for the Green Bay Packers’ playoff chances. I’ll support a moderate Republican — even though I’d prefer a conservative one — if that moderate Republican will help staunch the smothering tide of Big Nanny Government. And it looks like other conservatives feel the same way.

One wonders what, exactly, is different about this special U.S. Senate election. Why wasn’t this the case during the last presidential race, when we had a decidedly moderate presidential candidate running against a decidedly liberal — although he presented himself as moderate — Democrat?

John McCain had an established record of disappointing conservatives already. Maybe that was it. Brown’s disappointments — on the national scene, at least — are all in the future. Or maybe the excitement of the race — of even having a race in liberal MA — has overwhelmed any real examination of Brown’s conservativism. Or… maybe conservatives just needed to see how liberal an Obama-Reid-Pelosi government would be before they could swallow a moderate.

Regardless. A moderate Republican — a RINO, even — is better than a Democrat supermajority. Go Brown.

(Posted by The TrogloPundit)

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