If The Bush Administration Lied About WMD, So Did These People (Updated)

If The Bush Administration Lied About WMD, So Did These People (Updated): I did a bit more research on this issue and added new quotes from John Edwards, John Kerry, Patty Murray, Henry Waxman, John Rockefeller among others. I will also be adding a permanent link to this article in the quotes section. Make note of it and use it the next time someone tries to claim that Bush a liar because we haven’t figured out what happened to the WMDs yet. (Cont)

***Update***: Toren Smith from the Safety Valve posted in the comments section to explain the obvious to some of the people who just aren’t getting it…

“I’m curious as to how you Lefties could be any more stupid without being dead. Look–you claimed Bush was lying about the WMDs. We believed him. You claimed that if he was lying it was the worst disaster in the world and rendered the entire Iraq war a horrible violation of international law or something.

John points out that if he was lying, a lot of your favorite people were lying, too. Please note: we do not believe they were lying! We believe Saddam had WMDs. The point that is being made here is that if, as you seem to fervently believe, Bush was lying about the WMDs and this calls for impeachment or the rack or something, then a serious crapload of your buddies are in the same boat. Get a clue, willya?”

Exactly. We don’t know what happened to the WMD yet, but there’s no question that Saddam had them. I talked about this subject back on “May 29th”, and I stand by what I said then.

***Update #2***: Maybe it’s just coincidence, but tonight on Fox News, Brit Hume busted out the Robert Byrd quote I found in this article. Ya gotta love it…

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