Environmental Extremists Vs. The Poor

Environmental Extremists Vs. The Poor: It seems the environmental whackos are terribly concerned about….take a guess? No, this times it’s not the Bush administration, nuclear power, drilling in ANWR, or SUVs, it’s…people in the developing world using flush toilets. Here’s Larry Warnberg on the horrors of letting poor people use flush toilets

“…Larry Warnberg, a featured speaker at the conference, said China and other developing world nations cannot aspire to mimic the U.S. and Europe’s reliance on modern flush toilets and the resultant sewage infrastructure.

“That is a wrong turn, and it will just be an environmental disaster. The same is true in Brazil and Africa. There are better choices,”…

…Warnberg laments the widespread use of flush toilets in the industrialized nations of the U.S. and Europe, and he does not want to see the flush toilet adopted by the developing nations in Africa and South America.

“I think it is a mistake to inflict that convenience on a developing county and cost without realizing what the consequences are,” Warnberg added.”

But if not a flush toilet, then what…outhouses? No, they’re advocating,

“…A waterless dry toilet, which generally costs about $2,000, collects human urine and feces and requires emptying by humans on a regular basis. Advocates claim the resulting matter can then be composted and used as fertilizer for food crops.”

I know you’re probably thinking, “Wow! You mean for only $2000 I can handle my own feces and use it in my garden to help grow tomatoes? Where do I sign up?”

In all seriousness, it’s hypocritical and cruel to fly around to international conferences, eat catered meals, and enjoy cocktail parties while you’re advocating denying flush toilets to the poorest people on Earth in the name of the environment. These people should be ashamed….

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