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The IndyMedia Post Of The Day: If you listen closely, you can hear the howl of the raving moonbats as they roam the internet. Here are a few excepts from one of the members of the tinfoil hat gang that I found on Indymedia. This one was so bizarre that you just had to see it…

“…These massive chemical sprayings being passed off as some sort of terrorist defense here are evident in every area of America, and the sprays themselves are composed of materials which, over the long run, will create a siituation where only special seeds will work in the highly conductive soil, seeds created by Genetic Modification, seeds sold by world banking and their cronies. Get it?

The real reason behind these sprayings are to envelope the broadcast power of the antennae farms, now erected in every city and outlying area, and to help focus satellites in orbit whose job is helping ground crews track progress of the wind directions and speeds, in relation to the ionospheric heating apparatusâ?? (Antennae).

This type of broadcast science is the ultimate thrust of the New World Order/World Banking Industry, in its attempt to over take America, and it has supporters in every branch of government and media, and especially from boy george bush, presidential appointee of the world banking industry, whose family has been instrumental in surreptiously absconding with taxpayer dollars to help fund this technology of control.

…For now, the New World Orders aircraft stay out of reach as they spray wantonly over America, but the ground based antennae systems are wide open and EVERYWHERE. They are called cell towers, and most are used for regular communications, as well as direct camera surveillance, and many posess broadcast surveillance and weaponry (TIA) that is classified, and used strictly for control of the subject population….you are feeling sleeeepy, sleeeeeeeeeeeeepy. Stop by one of these gigantic antennas in your neighborhood, they are in every city I have visited in the USA, and have been erected quietly and with no fanfare for over 10 years now. The reason no great notice was given these towers is because they are a key to this take-over in America, and they are very vulnerable to long range attack by just about anyone with a rifle.”

Chemicals, gigantic mind control antennas, & the banking industry? Take it from me, that’s all garbage. The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is actually going to take over America with our Ronald “Maximus” Reagan M-Class Mech Warriors & spam schemes. If it wasn’t for the monkeypox that wiped out our cybernetic monkey army, we’d already have things well in hand…

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