If You Think Bush Is Another Hitler, You’re Either Ignorant Or Delusional

If You Think Bush Is Another Hitler, You’re Either Ignorant Or Delusional: It has become relatively commonplace to hear people on the left compare Bush to Hitler. In fact, it happens so often these days that it’s tempting to just simply write these people off as screwballs and ignore them, but it deserves more of a response than that.

I say that because if you truly believe Bush is another Hitler, there are only two possibilities; either you are appallingly ignorant and don’t really know what you’re saying or you’re so delusional that you should probably speak to a psychologist. That’s not just rhetoric, I mean exactly that. If you really think Bush is going to become a dictator and start gassing his enemies, you have about as firm a grasp on reality as someone who thinks the moon is made of green cheese.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people on the left who are…let’s be 100% honest here…a little bit deranged when it comes to Bush. If you want to see a perfect example of what I’m talking about, just look at the article on the front of Counterpunch (which is one of the most popular left-wing web pages on the net) right now. It’s called “Bush and Hitler…Compare and Contrast”, by Dave Lindorff. Let me post a few things Lindorff says along with my response and I think you’ll see how detached from reality a significant part of left is today…

“So far, for example, while he has rounded up some Arab and Muslim men purely because of their ethnicity or religion, Bush has not started gassing them–at least not yet.

So here we have someone on one who believes we may start GASSING Arabs and Muslims. When you hear something like that, you’ve got to wonder what sort of view he has of America if he thinks Bush could start gassing millions of Arabs & Jews while the rest of America stood idly by.

“What I did say, however (and I think subsequent events have proven me even more correct than did the events that had occurred prior to Feb..1), is that some of the tactics of the Bush administration resemble those of Hitler and his Brownshirts. I would go further and add that Bush’s attorney general, John Ashcroft, a man who has pointedly praised the old Confederacy, would probably feel quite comfortable in brown with a hakenkreuz tacked to his sleeve.

So Lindorff believes the people of Missouri would willingly elect someone who’d be comfortable in the brown shirts? What a low opinion he has of the people from that state.

“Now we may not yet have a dictatorship…”

So here we have someone who is hinting that the Bush may become a dictator and a popular left-wing online mag didn’t laugh him off, they featured his work. What does that say about the tenuous grasp the people at Counterpunch have on reality?

“So let’s make ourselves clear here. George Bush is not Hitler. Yet. America is not a fascist state. Yet. John Ashcroft isSwell, let’s not go there. The attorney general, a man whose claim to fame is having lost an election to a dead man, is perhaps the leading edge of a drive in that direction.”

Bush isn’t Hitler yet? American isn’t a fascist state yet? You might as well say “Chinese troops haven’t poured out of Mexico and conquered the United States. Yet. Aliens haven’t flown down and kidnapped millions of us to take off to their world. Yet. The Illuminati haven’t taken over the planet and made us into slaves. Yet.”

Some people may say I’m being too hard on Lindorff, Counterpunch, and the fruit loops who buy into what they’re saying. But, anyone who believes Bush is another Hitler is just as much of a crank as the raving moonbats who believe lizard people run the planet. Maybe the bogeymen they’re raving about don’t sound quite as strange, but it’s just another flavor of delusion. Guys like Lindorff can cloak their madness in political rhetoric, but that doesn’t change what it is — madness.

***Update***: RWN reader John Henke wrote down some rather shocking similarities he found between Lindorff & Hitler in the comments section of this post. Here’s what he had to say…

“Hey…..this can work both ways.

Dave Lindorff and Hitler….a comparison:

Dave Lindorff is a writer…..
Hitler was a writer!

Dave Lindorff is a white guy….
Hitler was a white guy!

Dave Lindorff engages in hyperdramatic hyperbole….
Hitler engaged in hyperdramatic hyperbole!

Dave Lindorff makes rhetorical appeals to the masses to stir up rage against their opponents…..
Hitler made rhetorical appeals to the masses to stir up rage against their opponents!

Now, let’s be clear…Dave Lindorff hasn’t written MeinKampf…..yet!
And Dave Lindorff hasn’t ordered all Republicans sent to the gas chambers….yet!

What are you gonna do with rhetoric like this?
Just in case, though, we should send in ground troops.”

That’s positively chilling! After reading that comparison, I’m sure the only question on everyone’s mind is; Can Dave Lindorff be stopped before he turns America into another Nazi Germany or is it already too late?

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