Misc Commentary For July 18th

Misc Commentary For July 18th: A few things worth talking about that didn’t merit their own posts…

— Here’s more info from an intelligence assessment by the CIA last October that backs the Bush admin position on the SOTU speech flap…

“The report asserts that Baghdad “if left unchecked…probably will have a nuclear weapon during this decade.”

It also cites unsubstantiated reports that Iraq was trying to buy uranium from three African countries: Niger, Somalia and “possibly” Congo.”

— Ever notice that the only time the left ever seems to care about how much something costs is when it concerns giving people more of their own money back via tax cuts or defending our country?

— You’re going to see all kinds of Poll Numbers between now and the 2004 elections. Until they start breaking things down state by state, there are two particular types of polls I think are worth focusing on. Bush’s overall approval rating & his numbers vs. specific numbers. If Bush is above 50% approval, he’s going to win unless there’s some sort of major third party challenge that siphons off his votes. Also, look at his numbers vs. particular Democrats. Bush isn’t going to running against some ideal Democrat, he’ll likely be running against Dean, Kerry, Gephardt, or Lieberman, so watch the numbers when he goes head to head vs. those candidates. Last but not least, don’t be surprised to see Bush behind at some point or below 50%. That’s just part of the game.

This is good news for the country and if it turns out to be true, it will make Bush VERY difficult to knock off in 2004,

“JOHN SNOW and Alan Greenspan gave a strikingly upbeat assessment of the US economy this week. The US Treasury Secretary said in an exclusive interview with The Times that revival in the US is already making progress and is set to continue into next year. “The American economy is coiled like a spring and ready to go,” he said. Mr Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, told Congress that the country could be on the verge of a period of extended growth.”

— I agree with this quote about the homeless 110%…

“The ultimate problem of these street people is their addiction,” said City Councilman Jim Kenney. “If I fell down on the street and split my head open and the rescue squad came and saw that I was unconscious, would they ask me if I wanted to go to the hospital? No. They’d take me to the hospital and fix me. Well, these people are broken, too.

“But instead of taking them before a compassionate community court judge who would compel them receive proper treatment, we force our police to ask them if they want treatment. If they say no, they’re right back out living on the street. So the homeless problem is like a hamster wheel. It just keeps going around and around. It never ends because we are unwilling to end it.”

The majority of people who are homeless in America are either alcoholics, junkies, or people with mental disorders. These people have let their lives fall apart to the point where they’ve burned all their bridges with family and friends, can’t hold a job, and aren’t even capable of putting a roof over their heads. We need to round these chronically homeless people up and either force them to dry out or get treatment for their mental problems. Allowing these severely damaged people to fend for themselves on the streets isn’t “freedom”, it’s cruelty.

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