Ignore Eric Massa

If you were listening to Glenn Beck this morning you heard him and Michelle Malkin get into a rather heated argument about Beck having ex-Congressman Eric Massa on his show today.

Yes, it’s just delicious political theatre to listen to Massa talk about Rham Emanuel walking round naked in the House showers and intimidating House members, but this guy has zero credibility. Now he’s hollering about the White House forcing him out with scandal because he will vote no on the health care bill (he’s voting no because he wants a public option in).

The Weekly Standard agrees with me and Michelle:

Reliable sources on Capitol Hill say the House ethics report on Eric Massa will be damning. Obamacare opponents, like Glenn Beck, might want to think twice before indulging Massa and letting this Democratic creep become the posterboy of Obamacare opposition.

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If you don’t know the scandal, Massa has resigned due to being accused of sexual harassment by a young male staffer. According to Massa there was much drinking at a wedding reception and the male staffer said something to the effect that Massa should be f*&&%ing a bridesmaid. Massa says he then said, “No, I should be f&^^ing you.” And then tousled the guy’s hair.

And that’s Massa’s story. You can only imagine the staffer’s story. Massa has a troubled past in this area.

Suffice it to say, we have plenty of legitimate reasons and ways to defeat Obamacare. We don’t need a slimy liberal Democrat Congressman with an ax to grind to help us.

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