Illegals And Social Security

Question: “I haven’t heard anyone else, anywhere, bring this point up, so here goes:

If an illegal immigrant uses a forged Social Security Card to get a job, the number on the card receives the tax money that the employer is legally obligated to send, right? So, if that SS number is fake, who gets the money? Is there a growing pool of unclaimable money building up in the SS system even as we speak?” — Good_Ol_Boy

Answer: First of all, keep in mind that none of the money received for Social Security is put in a “lockbox” or account. It’s immediately spent just like all the other money that comes in. When companies send in money from illegals using bad social security numbers, it’s just added to the overall till. In 2002, about 1.5% of the money coming in for Social Security couldn’t be properly matched up to who actually paid it. Some of those funds are undoubtedly coming from American citizens, but a majority of that amount is probably coming from illegals.

Unfortunately, the Senate has now voted to give “undocumented workers” credit for the money that they contributed to Social Security while they were here illegally. That’s a big mistake and not just because it rewards illegals for breaking our laws or because we’re going to be taking money that would otherwise be going to Americans and giving it to illegals.

Since these illegals have used fake numbers, maybe even multiple fake numbers, and even real numbers that belong to other people, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to untangle the mess and figure how much they’ve really contributed, if anything, to Social Security.

This move, like a lot of others the Senate has made while working on this amnesty bill, puts the welfare of illegal immigrants above that of the American people.

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