Q&A Friday #40: Are Americans Excited About The World Cup?

Question: “The football (that’s Soccer to most readers here) world cup will kick off in 4 weeks time. The USA have a fairly good team and have a good chance of doing well. (Quarter finals at least) Does anyone in the US (except Latinos and expat Europeans) actually give a toss?” — Simon_Begg

Answer: Oh, yeah, a lot of people are excited about the World Cup. In fact, it’s such a big deal that I hear that the ESPN Alternate 2 channel is about to drop semi-regional ping pong tournament finals being held at the Boise, Idaho YMCA just to show the World Cup.

Also, there are people with insomnia who’ll get the best night’s sleep they’ve gotten in months as they nod off as Angola and Togo play to a thrilling 0-0 tie.

Otherwise, I’m not sure that most Americans are ready for a sport like soccer that features all the excitement of a well played game of checkers and all the strategy that we’ve come to expect from a game of freeze tag.

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