“Illinois did it, so, y’know, it must be a good idea.”

As if the refugee camps sprouting up along Wisconsin’s southern border weren’t enough, now we might need them along the western border, too:

A taxing solution? Expanding state sales tax could fill hole, but industries are ready to fight.

Lawyers across Minnesota — 16,000 of them — have been urged to join a “call to action” and vehemently oppose what the state’s bar association is blasting as “a very bad idea.”

The Mall of America is warning that its $2 billion economic impact on the state is at risk.

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The state’s grocers, too, have marked it as top legislative priority.

All of that ire is aimed at the prospect of raising taxes to help cover the state’s gaping $6.2 billion deficit. The long list of exemptions to the state’s sales tax is expected to be a target.

Look, Minnesota — can I call you Minnie? — Look, Minnie, you’ve got a budget problem. You need more revenue. Sometimes the right thing is also the hard thing, so don’t be such a wuss. Yes, I know, you’re Minnesota, so that’s hard for you. Wussiness kind of runs in your blood. Still.

Do the hard thing. Raise those taxes.

And don’t worry about those businesses. They’ll be fine over here in Wisconsin.

It is important to note that expanding the sales tax “hasn’t been proposed…” yet. But it might, and it might have supporters in the Republican Party:

“Some services we’ll probably look at,” said Rep. Greg Davids, R-Preston. “We’re going to need to raise some revenue.”

I don’t know Rep. Davids. Maybe he was quoted out of context. Maybe he’s just a back-bencher from a liberal district with no real authority. Dunno.

Still, all you Minnesota businesses, you should take note that even a member of the supposedly conservative, anti-tax party in your state is talking tax increases.

And then you should cast your eyes east.


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