I’m getting a little tired of hearing about “healthcare repeal.”

The headline:

Gibbs: GOP efforts to repeal healthcare won’t get past Senate

It’s not “healthcare.” Nobody’s trying to repeal “healthcare.” If anything, we’re hoping Republicans in Congress will make sure “healthcare” is more available in the future than it will be, should the recently-passed, 2,500+ page, trillion-dollar-plus push toward fully socialized medicine in America ever go into full effect.

Which, we should point out, won’t solve every problem. People will still go without, sometimes, just like they do in Canada. People will still have trouble accessing good health care, just like they do in England. People will still have trouble paying the full cost of “free” health services, just like they are in Massachusetts.

But that’ll just mean ObamaCare didn’t go far enough, see. We’ll need new legislation, costing even more, bringing us even closer to full government ownership of health care!

But I digress. It’s not “healthcare repeal.” Even calling it “repeal of healthcare reform” would be more accurate. “Repeal of ObamaCare.” Repeal of “President Obama’s healthcare bill.”

I realize: headline writers have to conserve space, at least when writing for an actual print publication. And most political observers – professional, part-time, armchair, pajama-wearing, whatever – will understand the context.

Still: the phrase “healthcare repeal” is inaccurate and biased. Anti-freedom pundits can use such hyperbole. Professional “journalism” outlets shouldn’t.

More at The TrogloPundit.

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