I’m Offended That You’re Offended

That’s right brother — you’ve been offended by me with impunity for the last time. I’m sick of you being offended and now I’m putting it back in your court: I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m offended that you’re offended.

I’m offended that millions and millions of “illegal aliens” overloading hospitals and emergency rooms, running up the welfare rolls, flooding the prison system and yes — taking our jobs doesn’t seem to mean anything anymore. Illegal immigrants are now undocumented workers, and if I say put up a fence, you’re offended? I’m the bad guy? This offends the hell out of me.

Does my listening to Charlie Daniels offend you? What else of what I like and believe in offends you? The fact that I believe in GOD and want to worship him openly seems to offend you — or is it my hatred of abortion being used as birth control? When I fight for the rights of the unborn, does that offend you? Well guess what — I’m offended by that too!

gay tennisI’m offended that gay people want to “Marry,” just the same as if two dudes wanted to play in the mixed-doubles tournament at the U.S. Open. Them’s the rules, okay? One man, one woman — sorry, it’s not bigotry, it’s a simple definition and if you want to redefine marriage, then call it something else because once you say anyone can get married — then you got nothing and that offends me.

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abnormalWhen I say; “normal people” — does that offend you? Good — because I’m offended by “abnormal people” like you, who are offended by the phrase, “normal people.” If you’re not sure what “normal people” means, here’s a hint: Look around — you’re probably the abnormal one.

Men and women are not alike. They are different in almost every way. Does that offend you? That really offends me that anyone could think a woman is like a man. What are you, high? A goes into B. Do I have to explain that? If so, that offends me because anyone who doesn’t understand nature probably hasn’t spent much time in nature and people who don’t dig nature offend me. Nature is the greatest thing on earth — especially when you have a shotgun and can kill yourself a nice venison dinner. Mmmm.. Nature…

I don’t give a damn anymore about you’re phony problems. I have inalienable and Constitutional rights, and beyond that the mainstream media and the leftist bastards in this country who suck off the system and want to tear it down will not cow me. I will not hide my beliefs, and I will not stop fighting for them. You offend me with your desire to redefine right and wrong. People in the past at least knew what they did was wrong, now you put a shiny new label on wrong, hire a marketing firm and try to change it… That offends me.


Get a job, losers. Yeah, I said it: Losers. There was a time in this country where if you had an injury you couldn’t work because most jobs require you to be able-bodied — but not anymore. With the advent of technology and the information age, nearly everyone — and I mean everyone — can work. The blind, the disabled, people who are almost completely paralyzed make a fine living if they want to. There is training, education, vocation classes available to anyone for free in this country if they seek and desire it.

Nowhere in the world will you find the opportunity to succeed like here in America. And forget this racist crap you hear. People of all colors are clamoring to get to the United States — do you think they’d be doing that if we were a racist country? No. And I’m offended by the notion that we are.


People come here from former Communist countries and laugh at Americans who say they can’t find work. Some chick from Nagikistan or some other frickin former Soviet craphole comes over here and in six months has her own business and owns an apartment complex. Does it offend you that I called her a “chick”? Good — go Nagikistan yourself. In the meantime, she’s busy laughing at you because you don’t realize what a great country you live in with the freedom to own and operate a business and she just raised your rent.

Bottom line? People who don’t work don’t want to work and this President just keeps making it easier and easier.

Facebook is littered with ads about how easy it is to get on disability by companies hired by the government to help people apply and navigate the paperwork to successfully get on the dole whether they need it or not. This president wants you to be dependent and vote his way — the Democrat way. They are the Party of the stupid and lazy. Well, I’m offended by that.

Can't wait 'till she leaves..

Can’t wait ’till she leaves..

Does it offend you that I want the government to stop giving my money to some wanker that won’t work for his own money, but seems to always have the new version of the iPhone? Then I see him on TV at the Occupy rally — he’s all offended and it offends me. He’s got a new plasma at home but wants the government to pay for his kid’s health care? That offends me. His wife offends me. His dog offends me. It’s a Cockapoodle. Wtf? Get a real dog for crying out loud.

Offended? Good — me too.

This post was used with the permission of Joe for America.

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