I’m Predicting That Arnold Will Grab The Brass Ring

Since the election is tonight, I wanted to go on the record and predict that Davis will be recalled and Arnold will win by a healthy margin over Bustamante. There are predictions that turnout could reach 65%+ and you have to think a lot of them are people who normally wouldn’t vote, but are dying to cast their votes for the “Governator”. Some people probably think the LA Times articles about Arnold’s happy hands will sink his campaign, but I think the Times attacks will written off as nothing more than last minute partisan sniping by most Calfornia voters. We should know tomorrow morning…

***Update #1***: Straight from the Drudge Report to you…

“Latest Exit Polls Show 59% Vote ‘Yes’ For Recall, Top Campaign And Media Sources Tell Drudge Report, 51% For Schwarzenegger, 30% For Bustamante, 13% Mcclintock… Developing…”

If the margin turns out to be that big, I expect to see, “THE GOP RIGGED THE ELECTION” threads on the Democratic Underground =)

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