The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: The Cali Election Was Rigged, Rigged I Tell You!

The election isn’t even over yet and the DU is already claiming it was rigged =) These results are from a thread entitled, “Who thinks the Recall is rigged and/or a fraudulent election?”. There were four questions, one of which had no responses. Here are the current results from the three that were answered by 89 DUers so far;

The sane answer, which reads, “Nope, Schwartzenegger is leading fair and square” pulls 18% of the vote. Hooray for sanity! 18% of the people responding aren’t crazy!

Then the answer called, “Probably, but I just dont want to think about right now” pulls 11% of the vote. Uh…and this is based on?

Last but not least, the #1 answer selected was, “Of course (it was rigged). Can you say electronic voting?” 71% yes 71%, of the people responding picked this answer. Welcome to crazytown! First stop, Moonbat lane!

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