In Maine, Long Haired Freaky People Need Not Apply

There are rumors that Andrew Ian Dodge, freelance writer and Maine coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, is planning a run against perennial RINO Sen. Olympia Snowe:

Maine’s Tea Party Patriots state coordinator, Andrew Ian Dodge, hinted for weeks that he had intimate knowledge of a viable Snowe challenger, but he refused to name the person. It became clear in recent days that the mystery candidate is none other than Dodge himself.

Dodge would not confirm his candidacy outright, but he did not refute a report in a local blog suggesting that he planned to run.


Despite assertions to the contrary, sources close to the situation say that Dodge confirmed he would be taking on Snowe for the GOP senate nomination.:  Dodge never completely ruled out that he was running in his conversations with the Roll Call.:  The best answer he could provide was that he had “no immediate plans to run for office.”:  Technically, if our sources are correct, he could most certainly spin that phrase once he announces his run.

What about Dodge’s other comments to the Roll Call?:  Dodge said the challenger had never run for office, but had strong name recognition.:  Dodge has appeared in many publications and occasionally on local network affiliate news.:  He writes for the Daily Caller, Washington Examiner, and Pajamas Media.:  It is not a stretch to say Dodge is one of, if not the most highly visible Tea Partier in Maine.:  The challenger is from Southern Maine.:  Dodge lives in Portland.:  This mystery contender has the funding to become a viable opponent according to Dodge.:  There are a lot of ways to interpret that statement and it certainly doesn’t disqualify Dodge.

None of these roads lead away from Dodge.:  Combine that with the information from Pine Tree Politics’ sources then it is likely that Dodge is indeed the mystery challenger.

Andrew Ian Dodge may be running, he may not be running.:  He has yet to say.

But the comments following this interview shows the level of political discourse in the state of Maine.


It seems that in Maine, long haired freaky people need not apply for the job of Senator, regardless of whether they would represent your beliefs.

The question then becomes simple::  is someone’s appearance a game changer, or do you look at what a man believes and then at how he dresses?

In Maine, the answer is clear.

What does Dodge believe?:  Who cares?:  He’s got a blemish or two.:  Clearly he’s not Senate material.

No, we prefer someone who looks more like this:

Let’s try to grow up and focus on the issues and the main goal, which Dodge outlined in this article on Pajamas Media:

return the U.S. back to its constitutional roots of prudent governance.

But he probably wrote that with a scarf on, so let’s totally discount it, right?

Personally, I would vote for a guy that dressed like Herb Tarlek if he fought for what I believed in.

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