In their defense, I haven’t released a spending plan yet, either.

In their defense, I haven’t released a spending plan yet, either.

Maybe I should, though. My spending plan would make Paul Ryan’s look downright moderate. Give the libs something else to shoot at for a while, and take some of the pressure off him.

You think Ryan’s pushing old folks off the pier? Once they see my plan, they’ll get up out of those chairs and throw themselves off!

Anyway, via Marathon Pundit:

Senate Democrats decided Thursday not to release their spending plan to counter the budget blueprint approved last month by House Republicans, saying they will wait to see whether talks at the White House produce a compromise plan for reining in the national debt.

Juvenile? Irresponsible? Cowardly? Yes, yes, and yes. But also politically pragmatic. Why should they release a plan now, and expose themselves to criticism, instead of waiting for the media to pummel the Republican plan into a boneless mass of goo?

But then:

Democrats said they are close to agreement on a spending plan that would reduce borrowing by more than $4 trillion over the next decade, with about half the savings coming from higher taxes. That would offer a sharp contrast to the GOP budget, which relies entirely on deep cuts in spending.

Gah! So close! The whole point of chicken-heartedly refusing to present a plan of your own is to avoid criticism while the Republicans are savaged daily. Gutless, yes. Dare we call it pusillanimous? Now that I’ve learned what that means, yes. But effective? Yes, when done right.

Announcing that your plan raises taxes by $2 trillion? You’re doing it wrong!

When does more revenue — assuming we even get more revenue — ever go hand in hand with lower spending? And, by “lower,” I mean: spending within the revenue we have?

Never! Democrats won’t limit themselves to the money they have! No matter how much it is!

They might as well have released their entre plan. They’ve already told us everything we need to know about it.

UPDATE — BREAKING, EXCLUSIVE: via the crack House Budget Committee staff, the Senate Democrat Budget…revealed:

Click to embiggen, but be warned: the contents are explosive.

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