Indeed, Fascism Is Happening in America

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I was reading Michael Zak’s article on Big Government and found his observations rather poignant. Moreover, he reminded me of another book that lays out the plan we are seeing unfold in America. The book, written in 1942 by Stuart Chase, is called The Road We Are Traveling: and outlines the step by step fascist/socialist plan for America. With people coming to terms with Barack Obama’s socialism, this book is important to note.


Chases’s book outlines the plan for the centralization of the US government, which has been succinctly categorized by blogger Republicae:

In 1942, Stuart Chase, in his book “The Road We Are Traveling” spelled out the system of planning the Fabians had in mind; the interesting thing is to look at that plan in comparison to 2008 America.

1. Strong, centralized government.

2. Powerful Executive at the expense of Congress and the Judicial.

3. Government controlled banking, credit and securities exchange.

4. Government control over employment.

5. Unemployment insurance, old age pensions.

6. Universal medical care, food and housing programs.

7. Access to unlimited government borrowing.

8. A managed monetary system.

9. Government control over foreign trade.

10. Government control over natural energy sources, transportation and agricultural production.

11. Government regulation of labor.

12. Youth camps devoted to health discipline, community service and ideological teaching consistent with those of the authorities.

13. Heavy progressive taxation.

It should be evident that while Socialists no longer use the name that the plan is Socialism at its heart.

You cannot deny that most of these main ideological themes has been achieved by the Left as they had 40 years of congressional rule (until 1994) to build the framework for all of this. And now, Obama has, for the most part, completed the list–and the most critical points like the government takeover of health care (which we now know is to control the people).

The question is: will it take another 40 or more years to undo the socialist snookering the Left has played out on the American public? The American voter must beware of the guise of good will that the Democrats push–it’s like a drug and is intoxicating during elections.

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