International ANSWER L.A. – Anti-War Teach-In on Afghanistan

The Los Angeles chapter of International ANSWER sponsored an antiwar “teach-in” on Afghanistan, October 17th at Los Angeles City College. The event was the group’s latest “local action” in its intensifying “struggle” against alleged U.S. imperialism in “Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, the Philippines, Latin America and beyond.” ANSWER is accelerating its calls for grassroots resistance to the Obama administration and the Pentagon. Organizers claim they are seeking to block U.S. Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s recent request for an additional 40,000 troops for the Afghan deployment. But ANSWER’s ultimate goal is to support the insurgency seeking to topple the Hamid Karzai government in Kabul. According to Richard Becker, ANSWER’s West Coast Regional Director, and a keynote speaker at the teach-in, a defeat for the current American mission in Afghanistan would strike a blow to the American “empire” in South Asia.”

For the full report, see “STOP THE WAR! Teach-In on Afghanistan and the Anti-War Struggle – ANSWER L.A.

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