Iranian Sisters Sentenced To Stoning

Wasn’t it just a short while ago that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei , Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and other Iranian leaders were telling us how they respected women, cherished them, and treated them better then Western culture did? Hmmmm….

Two Iranian sisters convicted of adultery face being stoned to death after the supreme court upheld death sentences against them, Iranian media have reported.

The penal court of Teheran province had already sentenced the sisters, identified only as Zohreh, 27, and Azar, to stoning, the newspaper said.

The Etemad newspaper quoted Jabbar Solati, their lawyer, as saying that the sisters had initially been tried for “illegal relations” and had received 99 lashes. However, they were convicted of “adultery” in a second trial for the same incident.

I’d ask where the liberal womens groups are in decrying this kind of action, but, to what point? We already know that they will ignore most activity that is not women friendly by Islamic extremists.

I have to wonder: do they approve of the treatment of women in Islamic countries? Are they being quiet because speaking up would mean they are on Bush’s side? Or, are they just scared sh*tless to make waves and put themselves in Islamic extremists’ crosshairs?

Can you imagine the uproar if the USA, Britain, France, or any non-Muslim country banned a women’s magazine, much less sentenced women to be stoned?

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