Is Sarah Ready To Be President?

Here is yet another deciphering of the magic of Sarah Palin. This time it’s by Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic, who at least doesn’t try to personally smear her as so many others do. Liberals and media elites keep writing and writing about her, trying to understand her appeal. They are amusing to read because they don’t understand middle America, except to imagine that most of it is ignorant and not sophisticated like they are. They try to put Sarah in a box, but she just won’t stay there. Marc does a better job than most at describing her, but for us that understand her, it’s quite simple. She’s right on the issues, and she has that “it” factor.

Sometimes the comment section of articles are as interesting as the articles themselves. I think John Skookum here “gets it” when it comes to Palin:

John Skookum (Replying to: sdwats) February 10, 2010 12:39 AM
“I agree with sdwats. I speak 3 languages, went to Dartmouth, and hold a doctorate, and I was a fan of Gov. Palin’s for at least a year before John McCain ever heard of her. I have to snicker at the ill-informed lefties who seem to think that Gov. Palin’s support is limited to redneck idiots.

For me, the proof of the pudding is in the eating: Sarah Palin was the best governor Alaska ever had, better than any of the ten men before her. Before McCain chose her, she was the most popular politician in America and governed in a smooth, effective, bipartisan manner. She is easily the least disingenuous and most wholesome person to be involved in national politics in my lifetime. Her so-called “scandals” are risible molehills. Her instincts and principles are first-rate. Her courage and persistence are obvious even to her worst enemies.

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America loves a contender who can take a punch and bounce back up. And what a string of punches she has taken, to such trifling effect! Even if she never runs for anything again, Republican candidates are going to have to kiss her ring for the next thirty years. She personifies everything I love about America, not least the way she turns leftists into spittle-flecked screaming half-wits.”

John said it better than Marc. She IS the least disingenuous and most wholesome person to be involved in national politics in my lifetime. That makes her so different from other politicians, and so appealing, that organizations and candidates are scrambling to have her speak at their events.

Is she ready to be President? This past election we supposedly elected the smartest man in the room, and look where that has gotten us. Being a good President takes surrounding yourself with people who know their field. Obama surrounded himself with extremes, and they keep hitting the wall of the reasonable. Being a good President means being able to bring people over to your side. It takes charm and savvy. Obama has not been able to do that. Being a good President takes showing strength to the rest of the world, and proving to the sane world that you won’t put up with those who show insanity. Obama has not been able to do that either. My guess is that Sarah would be very good at all that.

But I still believe in experience. Obama didn’t have it, and we are all paying the price for that now. Sarah, as wonderful as she is, does not have it either. She might could win the same way Obama did, with this celebrity cult thing. But she’s not ready. Anymore than Obama was ready. Let’s not make the same mistake that the Democrats made. Let Sarah be the Kingmaker.

Marc Ambinder believes that she has decided to run for President. I think he’s wrong. One of the things we love about Sarah is her down home common sense. Obama is an intellectual, but he didn’t have enough common sense to realize he was not ready for this job. Sarah does have that common sense. I don’t think she will run. She’s knows she isn’t ready. But as long as she keeps people guessing, and keeps making the left morph into “spittle-flecked screaming half-wits,” she knows she has influence and power. She is a force to be reckoned with. Whoever does run for President on the Republican side, wants her on their side. Period.

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