Is That It?: I’m a

Is That It?: I’m a little surprised at how tepid and weak the Israeli response to the last sucide bombing was…

“Israeli troops stormed Yasser Arafat’s headquarters early Thursday, blew up three buildings in the sprawling compound and shelled the Palestinian leader’s living area in response to a Palestinian suicide attack on an Israeli bus that killed 17 passengers.

Six hours later, the troops left the compound and the rest of the city of Ramallah.”

During the military operation, a shell or rocket hit about five feet from Arafat’s bed, punching a hole into the wall dividing his bedroom and an adjacent bathroom.

So the Palestinians killed 17 Israeli civilians and the Israelis responded by killing one Palestinian security officer (it’s mentioned later in the story) and by messing up Arafat’s living quarters? That’s a HUGE win for the terrorists that will only encourage them to kill more Israeli civilians. I understand that Sharon is probably being so ridiculously restrained because of pressure from the Bush administration but is there an end game here or is it just open season on Israelis for the foreseeable future?

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