Islamic Bathrooms Down Under

Is this a case of Muslims having trouble assimilating or liberals being far too accommodating?

“A ROW has erupted over Muslim-only washrooms at La Trobe University (in Australia) that can be accessed only with a secret push-button code.

Muslim students have exclusive access to male and female washrooms on campus, sparking claims of bias and discrimination.

…Victorian Muslim community leader Yasser Soliman said the washrooms were necessary.

He said the separate facilities were also due to concerns from non-Muslim students.

“Muslims need to wash their feet before prayer and in the past there have been complaints about them washing their feet in sinks, so this is a happy medium,” he said.

Mr Soliman said most universities provided Muslim-only prayer and washrooms for students.”

How can these Muslims assimilate into society when they can’t even handle using the same bathroom as people of different religions?

Hat tip to Relapsed Catholic for the story.

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