Israel and the Nazis: I

Israel and the Nazis: I keep hearing people trying to compare Israel’s actions to the actions of the Nazis in WW2. Well there is a comparison between the two. Israel’s actions today are what it would of been like if the Jews in Germany had their own army. Yasser Arafat’s long-term goal is not a Palestinian state co-existing beside of Israel. It’s a Palestinian state INSTEAD of Israel. The peace process to Arafat is just a means to put the Palestinians in a better position to achieve that goal. But it would be a mistake to think that this is just the Palestinians vs. the Israelis. It’s the Israelis vs. the Palestinians, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Libya, etc.

Just like the Nazis, these groups talk peace while their real long-term goal is exterminating the Jews. The Nazis used the gas chambers while these groups are ready to use any means possible. If they can demographically end the existence of the Israeli state by getting millions of Palestinians who hate Jews into Israel via the “right of return”, they’ll take it. If one of them gets a nuke one morning it’ll be flying towards Israel that afternoon. If these nations ever feel they can exterminate Israel militarily, they’ll make their 5th attempt at doing that.

Until people understand what these nations REALLY want to do and make it clear to them that under no circumstances will it ever be allowed to happen, there can never be any real hope for long-term peace in the region.

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