Who Says Economics Is Boring?:

Who Says Economics Is Boring?: I was trying to get a little debate going on the Utopia Politics Forums about whether “Globalism Helps or Hurts Poor Nations.” Here are some of the replies of the anti-globalism people…

Bloodbags: Globalisation is really Global Capitalism in disguise, but the word is used for the touchy feely nicey intent. If you think there should be no ceiling for profits that multinationals can make and harsh policies that powerful governments can deal, at whatever cost to people in poorer countries, then you are a Global Capitalist. If you believe that wealth should be shared globally for an equitable world, then you support the true meaning of Globalisation. The language is all farked up when buzz words are used to hide sinister intent.

imsen: “Does Globalism Help or Hurt Poor Nations?” It definitely hurts them. The evil multinationals are after them all day :/

brennaho: Shankzar, As India gets richer, doesn’t the US or the greater powers that allowed India to gain that wealth get richer themselves so now instead of earning 5 cents which would buy you a meal, you now earn 5$ which now buys you a meal? Those without a job could have found 5 cents but they’re never gonna find $5?

saiko: Let’s see. Globalisation -> Free trade -> Giga-corporations rule the world. *shrug*

The Cloaked: Question to everyone here: Anyone else have lots of friends thinking of going up to Kananaskis for the G-8 this year? I personally think that protesting globalization is the funnieststupidestmost pointless thing anyone can do. But it sounds really fun and I love protesting stuff.

When you see the protests outside of the G8 summit this year remember that these statements pretty much typify the mentality of the protestors.

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