It’s Just A Matter Of Time Until The Left Starts Calling For This In America

Not Only Is It Bad Idea, It’s None Of The Government’s Business: It’s only a matter of time until we hear a Democrat in Congress calling for this to be done in the United States as well…

“A British legislator has proposed banning sport utility vehicles from congested city streets, and his comments prompted howls of protest from motoring groups.

…”The consequences of ever-increasing use of these vehicles means that other road users often feel intimidated — pedestrians and cyclists certainly do — use of fossil fuels increases dramatically, and our small urban towns, particularly historic towns, are being overwhelmed in some cases by these vehicles.

Baker also said that car manufactures should quit trying to sell SUVs to city dwellers.

“There are only so many vehicles they can sell to farmers and others who would legitimately use such vehicles,” he said. “The slogans which they are using to sell their vehicles are aimed at urban users.”

“The whole point of these vehicles and the way they’re marketed is to give the impression to those who buy them that they somehow are getting more confidence, they’re getting a personality boost, they’re getting an opportunity to fight through the ‘urban jungle.'” he said.

Baker said he plans to push for a cross-party campaign to stop city dwellers using SUVs for trips to school and the supermarket.”

Maybe it’s just me, but whether it’s in Britain or the United States, it’s none of the government’s business what sort of car you drive. If you can afford the car, afford the insurance, and afford the gas, what business does the government have telling you that you can’t have that car? Maybe people want to drive SUVs because they like to go off-roading on occasion. Perhaps they have a lot of kids to haul around or feel safer in an SUV than a compact. Perchance they saw a commercial and just thought the SUV looked “cool”. In any case, it’s none of the government’s affair.

Whether it’s in Europe or America, we have too many politicians who believe that their every whim should be turned into law and backed by the full force of their government. Government is not the solution to every problem and as a matter of fact, government has no business acting like what PJ O’Rourke once called a, “rampant cuttlefish of dominion with its tentacles in every orifice of the body politic”. Too often, we simply shoot ideas like this down while missing the larger point — government has no business getting involved in the issue in the first place.

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