Premonitions Of An American Holocaust

Premonitions Of An American Holocaust: It’s a shame that Premonitions Of An American Holocaust isn’t being updated anymore because I think I could have gotten multiple editions of ACPOTI (Anyone can post on the internet) out of it. Not only is the author loony, she posted emails from her deranged readers as well.

There was lots of material about the Illuminati, 9/11, the New World Order, and America going Fascist and tossing people into concentration camps. Sure it’s insane, but it’s creatively insane. For example, how many other raving moonbats have had the moxie to claim that Chandra Levy’s disappearance was tied into 9/11? Is there another conspiracy website that would have the cajones to claim that Yasser Arafat is actually helping Israel? This is just brilliantly kooky stuff.

Unfortunately, the person who created the page stopped posting. Maybe she’s in an asylum, gibbering under her bed, or perhaps she’s trying to hide from the Illuminati in the wilds of Montana. In any case, I found her page to be entertaining in an insane sort of way. After you read some of these excerpts from Premonitions Of An American Holocaust, you’ll see what I mean…

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