It’s The Coverup That Always Gets You In The End

What a wicked we weave, when first we practice to deceive!”

When the White House sent out a carefully worded memo on Friday of a holiday weekend regarding their job offered to Sestak for not running against Specter, they had hoped that that would be that. But so many things don’t add up, not the least of which is that Sestak had said it was a high ranking job, not the unpaid advisory position that they now claim.

The thing with lies though? They can easily unravel. The White House thought they had their story straight. Only they didn’t. As far as I know, Clinton hasn’t said a word about it.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs indicated Tuesday that Rep. Joe Sestak was not offered a spot on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board but refused to say what was dangled in front of the Democrat to remove him from a Senate primary.

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The spot offered to Sestak, Gibbs said to reporters at the White House, “didn’t constitute a lot of what you’re hearing.”

But Gibbs refused to clarify what Sestak, who won the May 18 primary and is now the Democratic nominee for Senate, was offered.

Sestak indicated Friday he was offered a spot on the PIAB by former President Bill Clinton, who was acting on behalf of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

“I heard presidential board and I think it was Intel,” Sestak said to reporters, describing his conversation with Clinton.

White House counsel Bob Bauer said Friday that Sestak was offered a spot on “a presidential or other senior executive branch advisory board.”

However, Sestak would have been ineligible for such a post. Sestak and the Obama administration both said the congressman would have kept his seat in the House if he took a spot on the PIAB. But the PIAB is comprised of individuals who are “outside the government.”

Gibbs confirmed Tuesday that Sestak could not have served on the PIAB.

Why can’t Gibbs just say what the post was that was offered? I think we all know the story to that one.

As I said in my original post, Clinton isn’t the only one not talking. After going dark on the story, the Colorado media is finally asking former state legislator, Andrew Romanoff, whether he too was offered a job by the White House not to run. Like Clinton, he is refusing to answer.

Oh, what a wicked web…

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