It’s the Economy–and ENERGY

Over at Hot Air, the new McCain ads for Michigan and Ohio focus in on the dual-headed monster of the energy crisis and underemployment:

Michigan specifically mentions drilling (along with “clean vehicles,” and a glimpse of a hybrid-car symbol):

Ohio’s ad is similar, but more of a frontal assault on job-creation through small businesses and renewable energy:

It’s a good move to mention securing our retirement in these spots, as well.

The McCain people seem to be cranking out one or political ads a day, and they know when to take an optimistic tone–as with the economics-minded, forward thinking spots linked above, with the jangly music–and when/how to go on the attack–as with the Raines ad about the Fannie Mae Crisis:

One of the cleverest features in that particular spot is McCain making his statement of responsibility at the beginning–so his name isn’t linked to the “prosecuting attorney” tone at the end, nor the assertion “not ready to lead.” Instead, that accusation is left to echo inside the viewer’s head.

h/t: Ohio and Michigan ad via Ed at Hot Air. The Raines ad is also from Mr. Morrissey, and he’s got some good background there on how little economic change Obama! would really bring.

(And, aye–it being Talk Like a Pirate Day, I’d just like to tell the Obama campaign that they need to get some grog, and prepare to be boarded . . . )

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