Tennessee Democratic Congressman’s Son Hacked Sarah Palin’s Email–UPDATED AGAIN: Connection with Obama’s Campaign Manager?

Confederate Yankee extends mercy to the kid with a depressive disorder who hacked Sarah Palin’s Yahoo account. That is overly kind. Were this miscreant a Republican, he’d be tarred and feathered and we’d be hearing about how it’s no wonder a Republican had problems with depression, but put him in jail with the same law used to oppress minorities and the disabled.

No. Throw the book at this rotten Democratic apple. It matters not that he’s unstable. That’s pretty much a given when you go hacking into a government official’s private email. His father is in the government, surely he knows it’s a no-no to monkey around in a government official’s email. He had enough sense to pick out emails he perceived as most damaging to Sarah Palin, his frontal lobe is obviously functioning fine. It’s his moral center that isn’t working. Perhaps some time in jail will fix it.

But Confederate Yankee brings up a more important point:

In the concerted effort to destroy Sarah Palin, her husband, and her children, we’ve seen the progressive blogosphere and professional media adopt the no-holds barred, street-fight viciousness of a community organizer fighting for scraps. The petty brutality has trickled down from the man they idolize, a man cool enough to befriend and use aging terrorists and racist ministers as they can help him, and callous enough to discard friendships decades old if it suits him, without a backward glance.

For all his eloquence behind a teleprompter, Barack Obama is still at heart a thug, and his disciples learned well from their master.

In Wasilla, Alaska, two Democratic National Committee “opposition researchers” are scouring the archives of the Palin’s hometown paper for any hint of a scandal.

It will never stop.

Until it stops working.

Hope! Change!


Glenn Reynolds says:

UPDATE: Reader Walter Boxx emails: “I can’t vote in your Palin email account poll because you left off the only sensible answer. It is a serious issue (not Watergate though) but it will be treated like a juvenile prank by the press. In a day or two it will be off the news.” Yeah, if Obama’s mail had been hacked it would be treated as an outrage and a sign of the growing thuggishness of political discourse, with demands for heads to roll — and, notwithstanding his representations otherwise, I don’t think Nick Denton would have run it, because he would have feared the consequences. But this is different, because Sarah Palin is a Republican.


This is huge. Via Jim Hoft aka Gateway Pundit:

** MORE…. There is a connection between David Kernell and David Plouffe— Barack Obama’s Campaign Manager!
From a commenter at Terry Frank (who has screengrabs of David Kernell’s Facebook page):

There is an apparent connection between David Kernell and David Plouffe. If you do a Technorati search for “david kernell” (http://www.technorati.com/search/%22david+kernell%22?authority=a4&language=en) and then click on Videos about David Kernell, the first video you see if of David Plouffe (Campaign manager for Obaman). He probably did the video for Plouffe.

This is not a casual connection.

Wow. Just wow.

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