It’s Too Early To Know Who’ll Win In 2008

Over at the liberal Carpet Bagger Report, they point out, correctly, how meaningless the polls for 2008 contenders are at this stage. To make their point, they posted a Jan 2003 Fox News poll:

Joe Lieberman……29%
Dick Gephardt……15%
John Kerry………..13%
John Edwards…….8%
Al Sharpton……….5%
Howard Dean……..2%

Lieberman? Gephardt? Dean at 2%? Kerry in the middle of the pack? And that was FURTHER ALONG than we are in the race to 2008. So, don’t get too worried about McCain and Giuliani slugging it out at the top of the polls while everyone else drags behind. They’re getting by on name recognition at this point and as people take a harder look at the positions and other candidates get more press, it’ll start to turn into a real horse race.

Hat tip to Outside The Beltway for the story.

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