The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day. An American Flag Means Nothing To Me

Liberals often have a weird way of looking at patriotism. They get extremely huffy if you question their patriotism, but then they often go out of their way to show that they’re not patriotic.

Take the American flag. It’s not unusual for conservatives to wear flag pins or display flags because they genuinely love their country and feel like displaying the flag is a symbol of that affection. On the other hand, liberals create threads on the Democratic Underground just so they can let everyone know how much they dislike the American Flag. Would they be offended if you said they weren’t patriotic? Probably. But, can you be patriotic while simultaneously sneering at the American flag or people who display it? No, you can’t.

Let’s examine part of this phenomenon in a little closer detail in a thread at the Democratic Underground called, “If you see an american flag, do you

Here’s the first post:

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MoseyWalker: If you see an american flag, do you do as my brother does and scream at the top of your voice “God bless america and god bless halliburton” with a huge bit of sarcasm or

do you think and say something else?

what does the american flag mean to you these days? what does any flag really mean?

Here are a few other notable comments from the thread:

EdwardM: An American Flag means nothing to me. I don’t like nationalism, it never leads to good things. I support a better quality of life for all people regardless of their flag. All patriotism to me seems to be is a “we are better than you” attitude and I have never understood it.

Raine: It represents the country I live in…I don’t think about it beyond that. I’m neutral on it.

spoony: I silently wonder if the “great experiment” is over n/t

Vexatious Ape: The day after Bush won in 04, I peeled the flag stickers off my vehicles and yanked my little flag off my front porch and tossed it all in the can. I am just now getting over that election–thanks to this last election. I know I’m lucky to be an American, but there’s a big difference between luck and pride.

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