It’s Tough To Be A

It’s Tough To Be A Pervert These Days: A deviant in Virginia decided to flash a 12 year old girl but she knew exactly to handle the situation

“A 12-year-old girl confronted by a flasher in an elevator Monday night reacted quickly: She grabbed his zipper and yanked it up.”

And it gets better from there…

“The man was injured, and the girl ran out of the elevator and found her stepfather to tell him what happened, Carey said. The stepfather found the suspect running from the building, and the two men fought. The suspect broke free and ran away.

Because he suffered blood loss, the man probably suffered injuries significant enough for him to seek medical treatment, Carey said. Investigators have been checking for him at area hospitals.”

If only the police would have caught the guy it would have been a perfect ending to the story…

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