Robert Fisk: Why does John

Robert Fisk: Why does John Malkovich want to kill me?: Robert Fisk is down in the dumps. You see, people don’t like him and they send him mean emails….

“And last week, the Hollywood actor John Malkovich did just that, telling the Cambridge Union that he would like to shoot me.

“How, I ask myself, did it come to this? Slowly but surely, the hate has turned to incitement, the incitement into death threats, the walls of propriety and legality gradually pulled down so that a reporter can be abused, his family defamed, his beating at the hands of an angry crowd greeted with laughter and insults in the pages of an American newspaper, his life cheapened and made vulnerable by an actor who – without even saying why – says he wants to kill me.”

Malkovich was asked “who he’d like to fight to the death” and Fisk was one of the names he mentioned. So Fisk’s mewling about Malkovich is just a hysterical overreaction as per usual. And Fisk asks why? Because he’s a whiny, mean-spirited, SOB who blames the United States and Israel for every bad thing that happens in the entire world. Is it cloudy today? Probably because the United States planned it that way. Is there an Arab baby crying? It’s probably because the Mossad took his candy…JUST BECAUSE THEY COULD.

I personally have very little sympathy for any writer as big as Fisk who complains because they got some caustic emails. I’m a small fry on the net and I’ve gotten plenty of crude, rude, and angry emails. I’ve even had people say they wanted to slit my throat and kill my family because they didn’t like the changes I suggested for an online game. So if someone like Fisk who’s a thousand times bigger than me can’t take some emails pointing out his anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism then maybe he should get out of the game. In the meantime? I’m playing the world’s tiniest violin for you Robert…

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